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Do you want to go to college or live in Korea?


Do you want to speak Korean with your friends or loved ones? 


Do you dream of being a K-pop trainee?


Do you simply want to learn this beautiful language and Korean culture?


The key is to learn with an individually customized curriculum!

With systematic teaching and the right teacher, you can achieve your goals!



Take your first step and get closer to your goals! These one-on-one classes include customized lessons for each student, satisfaction guaranteed.  For the first time, you will find yourself improving and saying things in Korean.  From basic conversational Korean to TOPIC, every level is welcome!

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We have been teaching corporate CEOs, doctors, elementary school to graduate school students, and future KPOP trainees. All of them are happily studying with us and have been satisfied. All TOPIK students passed the exam with a Level 4 and achieved their goal by attending Korean colleges and graduate schools with scholarships. SAT II Korean students and IB Korean students received high scores. Standard conversational course students are quickly picking up speaking skills and enjoying communicating with other Koreans. We feel very proud and rewarded when students have achieved their goals. We can help your dream too. Let’s start together!