About us

Head Teacher Kim


I’m originally from South Korea where I majored in education and received a teaching certificate. Currently, I live in the U.S. where I have been teaching Korean. I customize lessons and set up a curriculum for each student based on their personal needs and level to help them learn in a systematic way that best suits them.

I teach students of all levels from all walks of life with a wide range of goals, from beginners to those studying TOPIK, SAT II, and International Baccalaureate Korean. All of my TOPIK students successfully achieved LEVEL 4 and went on to study in excellent colleges or graduate schools in Korea with scholarships. Some of my students went on to work for large Korean companies such as KBS, Hyundai Auto, etc. My students range from children to adult lay workers to retirees, from students to KPOP trainees to CEOs. There is no one who can't learn Korean!

I have been fondly called by my students as the "world's best Korean teacher," for which I am very proud, and I strongly believe that a determined student combined with a suitable curriculum can achieve their goals.

Let's work together and achieve your Korean Dream!

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